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Meeting: Regular Town Board Meeting
Date: May 9, 2023 6:30 PM
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National Police Week

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Interim Town Administrator

Police Chief

Public Works Director

Actions & Presentations

Other Items

Request of approval and sanction of the 16th annual Pickin' at the Park - Rob Miller

Consider Letters of Interest and appoint Trustee to vacant seat on Town Board

Approval of expense to repair Police Department air conditioner

Consideration and adoption of Ordinance 2023-04- Clarifying the Water Moratorium in response to Referendum Petition on Ordinance 2023-02

Board direction regarding signatories on Town bank accounts and credit cards

Request to submit a Revitalizing Main Streets grant to CDOT for $250,000 for additional funds to complete the 5thand Grand intersection project

Town Administrator recruitment process and update

Board review of draft letter regarding Gunnison Energy's latest development plan

Consideration of draft Town of Paonia Comments on Jumbo Mountain Trail

Executive Sessions

Mayor and Trustee Reports