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Meeting: Regular Town Board Meeting
Date: July 25, 2023 6:30 PM
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Actions & Presentations

1. Consideration of Approval of Western Slope Conservation Centers request for a donation of $2000 for repair of damages to the school loop trails

2. Discussion and Decisions on parking at the top of Pan American and Vista Drive

3.Consideration of Approval of the Mountain Harvest Festival Request for longer Street Closure

4. Discussion on possible mobility route from Town Park to Downtown

5. Approval of Opting into Proposition 123 to Increase Affordable Housing

6. Discussion and direction for Urban Rural Continuum about optional add-ons to contract.

7. Consideration of approval of engagement letter for Sherry Caloia as water counsel

8. Consideration of Approval of sponsoring a Cadet in the Police Academy for employment commitment

Mayor and Trustee Reports