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Meeting: Regular Town Board Meeting
Date: July 11, 2023 6:30 PM
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Correspondence Received

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Interim Town Administrator

Police Chief

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Actions & Presentations

Other Items

Swearing in of Town Administrator Stefen Wynn

Designation of handicapped parking at Town Park

Discussion and decisions on parking at the top of Pan American and Vista Drive

Consider a mid-block Pedestrian crosswalk on Grand Avenue

Ratifying Health Insurance Employer Contributions

Consideration and approval of Resolution 2023 - 10 Roles and Responsibilites of committee's

Consideration and Approval of Res 2023-08 Appointment of Officer- Town Administrator and Treasurer

Consideration and Approval of Res 2023-09 Authorized Signatories on Accounts

Consideration and approval of R 2023-11 Remote meetings and Participation

Opportunity to attend Colorado Growing Water Smart Workshop in October

Approval of award of bid to K&D Construction (low bidder) for replacement of Dorris Avenue sewer line and authorize Town Administrator to negotiate final contract.

Consideration and Approval of granting Amanda Mojarro view only access to Town bank accounts and sales tax information

Consideration and approval to write an EIAF grant to DOLA for $1,000,000 to help fund the relining of the 2 million gallon tank

Consideration and Approval to write a grant of up to $6500 to the Colorado State Internet Portal Authority for expert help on the audio visual system in Town Hall

Consideration and Approval of River District Grant Agreement

Executive Sessions

Mayor and Trustee Reports