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Meeting: Council Meeting - Aug. 20, 2019
Date: August 20, 2019 5:30 PM
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WS - 1 Conditional Use Permit for 710 West City Point Road to operate a Night Club/Dance Hall in the B-2 Zoning District


Consent Agenda

C-1 Minutes

1. Council minutes

C-2 Pending List

C-3 Routine Approval of Work Sessions:

C-4 Personnel Change Report & Financial Report:

1. July 2019 Personnel Change Report

2. Financial Report

C-5 Ordinances on Second & Final Reading:

C-6 Routine Grant Approval:

C-7 Public Hearing Announcement:

C-8 Information for Council Review:

1. Information for Council Review

C-9 Resolutions/Proclamations/Presentations:

1. Presentation - I love hopewell

2. Presentation-gore

C-10 Public Hearing Announcement:

Public Hearings

PH-1 Refuse

Unfinished Business

UB-1 Conditional Use Permit 2907 Poplar Street to allow a Duplex in the R-2 District

UB-2 130 Mercer Lane Conditional Use Permit for a Cell Tower

UB-3 Spot Blight Determination for 1503 Atlantic Street, 810 Winston Churchill Drive, and 4100 Oaklawn Boulevard

Communications from Citizens

Regular Business

Reports of City Manager

R-1 VDOT State of Good Repair Agreement - Route 36 Pavement Resurfacing

R-2 R2 - additional items

R-3 Subdivision: 1400 South 1st Avenue

R-4 Subdivision of 123 South Mesa Drive

R-5 FOIA Policy

R-6 Open Finance

R-7 IR - Gore - Steering Committee

R-8 IR - Gore - Census Committee

R-9 Request to take action on CAFR findings and to set workshop

R-10 Audit Actions by Council

Reports of City Attorney

Reports of City Clerk

1 Report of City Clerk

Reports of City Council

Reports of City Council - Committees

Reports of City Council - Individual Councilors

IR-1 Partin IR item

IR-2 IR item - Gore - 7

IR-3 IR Item - Gore

IR-4 IR item 3 - Denton

IR-5 IR - Gore - amend template

IR-6 IR - Gore - Monthly list of Council appointees

IR-7 Gore - IR - Ashford Kent

Citizen/Councilor Requests

CCR-1 Gore - CCR

Presentations form Boards and Commissions

Other Council Communications