Meeting Info
Meeting: City Council Meeting
Date: June 15, 2020 7:00 PM
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Call to Order

Approval of Minutes

1. Regular Meeting of June 1, 2020

Roll Call

Agenda Revisions

Special Order of Business

2. Receive and file bids-GO Loan Notes

3. Directing sale of GO Loan Notes

Old Business

4. Ord. 2967-Vacate ROW

5. Reconsideration of Resilience Plan

New Business

Consent Calendar

6. Proclamation - Juneteenth - Freedom Day

7. Proclamation - Waste and Recycling Workers Week

8. V&T-Newcomb Resignation

9. Boards and Commissions

10. Committee of the Whole Minutes 6/5/2020

11. CS-Planner III-Certified List

12. CS-PSO-Certified List

13. Tobacco Permits 6/15/2020

14. Liquor Beer 6/15/20

Resolution Calendar

15. Res-FY21 Appropriations Resolution

16. Res-FY21 Wellmark Health Plan Agreement

17. Res-FY21 Wellmark Stop Loss Policy

18. Res-FY21 Delta Dental Insurance Plan

19. Res-Restatement of Cafeteria-Advan. Admin.

20. Res-FY21 Public Entity Insurance Renewal

21. Res-Audit FY20 Financial Statements

22. Res-Cooperative Agreement - Use of CF pools

23. Res-FY21 CMS Economic Development Agreement

24. Res-FY21 CMS SSMID Contract

25. Res-FY21 CMS Facade Improvement Fund Contract

26. Res-FY21 CHP Economic Development Agreement

27. Res-FY21 CHP SSMID Contract

28. Res-FY21 CHP Facade Improvement Fund Contract

29. Res-FY21 Grow CV Funding Agreement

30. Res-CFHS FY21 Betterment Grant

31. Res-CH Partnership FY21 Betterment Grant

32. Res-FORTEPAN Iowa FY21 Betterment Grant

33. Res-Volunteer Center FY21 Betterment Grant

34. Res-WCF Symphony FY21 Betterment Grant

35. Res-Rental to Owner Conversion: 610 W 4th Street

36. Res-Rental to Owner Conversion: 2604 Iowa Street

37. Res-Encroachment Agreement for "J Davis Properties

38. Site Plan - 312 W. 1st Street - Community Bank & Trust

39. Res-Prairie Winds 4th Final Occupancy Request

40. Res-Dump Truck/Snow Plow Purchase

41. Res-Refuse Truck Purchase

42. Contract-2020 CDBG SW Infill-Boulder

43. Res-Union Road Reconstruction

44. Res-Downtown Levee Improvement Project

45. Set PH for Community Bank and Trust

46. Set PH-Revised easement vacation for CB&T

47. Set PH on Rezoning - W. Fork

48. Set PH-CDBG Annual Action Plan (FFY20)

49. Set PH - 2020 Seal Coat Project

50. Set PH - Clay Street Park

Allow Bills and Payroll

City Council Referrals

City Council Updates

Staff Updates

Public Forum

Executive Session

51. Exec Session-LM & PM