Meeting Info
Meeting: City Council Meeting
Date: November 20, 2023 7:00 PM
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Call to Order

Roll Call

Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Minutes

1. Minutes 11-06-23

Agenda Revisions

Special Presentations

Public Forum

Staff Updates

Special Order of Business

Old Business

2. Repass, Mayor's Veto-Imagine College Hill Vision Plan

3. 3045-Remove on-street parking as shared parking CD-DT

Consent Calendar

4. Standing Committee Meeting Minutes 11/06/2023

5. Boards Resignation-Amy Lang

6. Civil Service Commission Certified Lists

7. College Hill Partnership FY24 Biannual Report

8. Tobacco Violation-Buzz Smoke & Vapor

9. Tobacco Permits 11/20/2023

10. Retail alcohol 11-20-23

Resolution Calendar

11. Resolution Calendar with items considered separately.

12. UNI Student Liaison

13. Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement with RxBenefits, Inc.

14. 28E Agreement with Iowa ABD

15. Master Plan Amendment for Autumn Ridge

16. Compost Facility Contract Services


17. Ord.-Fire Prevention & Protection

Allow Bills and Claims

18. Bills and Claims 11/20/23

Council Updates and Announcements

Council Referrals