Meeting Info
Meeting: City Council Meeting
Date: March 1, 2021 7:00 PM
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Call to Order

Roll Call

Approval of Minutes

1. Regular Meeting of February 15, 2021

Agenda Revisions

Public Forum

Special Presentations

2. Proclamation-Read Across America Day

3. Proclamation-International Women's Day

Special Order of Business

4. PH-Band Shell Lease

5. PH-Adaptive Reuse of Buildings

Old Business

6. 2984-Permitting Poultry

7. 2985-Rear Yard Poultry

8. 2983-Nuisance Poultry

9. Mask Mandate Extension

10. CBMF Public Event Permit

11. LT9 Public Event Permit

New Business

Consent Calendar

12. Mayor's Monthly Report-February

13. CF Racial Equity TF-Mayor

14. Resignations-Boards & Commission

15. Work Session Minutes

16. Committee of the Whole Minutes 2/15/21

17. Monthly Report - January

18. Liquor-Beer 03/01/2021

Resolution Calendar

19. Assessment-234 Clark Drive

20. Assessment-821 Madison Street

21. Assessment-2303 Washington Street

22. Suspending Paid Parking-Extension

23. McMahill-amend Deed of Dedication

24. Emergent Agreement-City Hall Remodel

25. CHDO Agreement-Habitat for Humanity

26. CBD Site Plan-108 E 4th Street

27. CHN Site Plan-remodel-704-706 W 28th Street

28. CHN site plan-Driveway-704-706 W. 28th Street

29. S-1 Site Plan-Facade Improvements- 6607 University Avenue

30. Bids-2021 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project

31. Bids-Downtown Streetscape and Reconstruction Project Phase II

32. Final Out-2020 Sidewalk Assessment

33. Final Statement-2020 Sidewalk Assessment

34. Terracon SA2 Agreement

35. CenturyLink Agreement Cedar Heights Drive Reconstruction

36. Set PH-2021 Street Construction Project

Allow Bills and Claims

37. Allow Bills and Claims of March 1, 2021

City Council Referrals

City Council Updates

Staff Updates