Meeting Info
Meeting: City Council Meeting
Date: November 6, 2023 7:00 PM
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Call to Order

Roll Call

Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Minutes

1. Minutes 10/16/23

Agenda Revisions

Special Presentations

Public Forum

Staff Updates

Special Order of Business

2. PH-Amended DA - McDonald Construction


4. PH ROW- Viking Rd and Prairie Parkway Intersection Improvements

Old Business

5. 3044-PPTE KL Iowa

6. 3045-Remove on-street parking as shared parking CD-DT

Consent Calendar

7. Veto-Repeal of College Hill Vision Plan

8. CS Certified Lists

9. Departmental Monthly Report

10. FY23 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

11. FY2023 City Street Finance Report

12. FY24 Bi-Annual Report CMS

13. Holiday Hoopla-Fireworks Display

14. Liquor Beer 11-6-23

Resolution Calendar

15. Resolution Calendar with items considered separately.

16. Emergency Operations Plan

17. FY23 Annual Urban Renewal Report

18. Authorizing TIF Certification of Expenses

19. TIF interfund loan CH bond fund

20. Interfund Loan CH-Stormwater Fund

21. Interfund Loan-PP-Bond Fund

22. Interfund Loan-STH Bond Fund

23. Interfund Loan-STH ED Fund

24. Interfund Loan-DT Street Repair Fund

25. Interfund Loan-UN Bond Fund

26. Assessment - 821 Walnut St

27. Expenditure - Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Licensing

28. Expenditure - Video Playback Server

29. Police Vest Grant Award

30. Police Cameras

31. Vector Solutions

32. Dump Truck/Snow Equipment Purchase

33. AECOM Supplemental Agreement- 2021 Survey Services

34. Main Street Iowa Program Agreement

35. Appraisal Contract - North Cedar Buyout

36. Purchase Offer 523 W 1st Street

37. CHN Overlay - garage and driveway at 423 W 26th Street (#DR23-004)

38. CHN Overlay - porch and siding at 2121 Walnut Street (#DR23-003)

39. Hwy-1 Site Plan - 703 Brandilynn Blvd (Case # SP23-012)

40. CDBG Rental Rehabilitation Project #3-23-695

41. 2023 Payment Standards - Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

42. Subrecipient Agreement for CHDO New Construction and Real Estate Mortgage & HOME Program Homebuyer Agreement with Habitat for Humanity for project at 2925 Sands Ave

Allow Bills and Claims

43. Bills and Claims 11-06-23

Council Updates and Announcements

Council Referrals

Executive Session

44. Exec Session - LM