Meeting Info
Meeting: City Council Meeting
Date: January 21, 2019 7:00 PM
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Call to Order

Roll Call

Approval of Minutes

1. Minutes of January 7, 2019

Agenda Revisions

Special Order of Business

2. PH - CIP

3. Res for PH-CIP

4. Annual Reimbursement Resolution

5. PH - Plans, Specs - Place to Play Playground

6. Resolution approving and adopting plans, etc for the Place to Play Playground Project

7. PH - Plans, etc - 2019 Street Construction

8. Resolution approving and adopting the plans, etc - 2019 Street Construction

Old Business

9. Ordinance 2935, Rezoning A-1 to R-1

New Business

Consent Calendar

10. Resignation - Civil Service

11. 1/07 Committee Minutes

12. Civil Service Certified Lists

13. Liquor

Resolution Calendar

14. Flood Buyout Leases

15. W. 1st Street Acquisition

16. Property Acquisition: Artesian Earthworks, LLC

17. Property Acquisition: Lois Rieger, John Rieger, Rick Rieger and Steven Rieger

18. MU2 State Workforce Housing Tax Incentive

19. Walnut Street Box Culvert Replacement Project Set Public Hearing

Allow Bills and Payroll

20. Bills & Payroll for 1/21 Council

City Council Referrals

City Council Updates

Executive Session

21. Exec Session - CB

Public Forum