Meeting Info
Meeting: City Council Meeting
Date: April 1, 2019 7:00 PM
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Call to Order

Roll Call

Approval of Minutes

1. Regular meeting of March 18, 2019.

Agenda Revisions

Special Order of Business

2. PH-2019 Permeable Alley

3. Adopt adopt the plans, etc.-2019 Permeable Alley

4. PH-CHN Zoning Amendments

5. Ordinance-CHN Overlay Zoning District

Old Business

6. Ordinance #2937 - Code of Ordinances

7. Ordinance #2938, Rezoning A-1 to RP

New Business

Consent Calendar

8. Resignation of Jayme Renfro - Art & Culture Board

9. 3/18/19 Committee of the Whole minutes

10. 4/01/19 Certified Lists

11. Monthly Report - February 2019

12. Berg and Ray Funds

13. Temporary sign request for Make-A-Wish Walk

14. Street Closure - Downtown Show and Shine

15. Liquor Licenses 4/01/19

Resolution Calendar

16. CFU Transfer

17. Easement Agreement - Sidewalk Café at 314 Main Street

18. Gold Star Memorial Site Plan Concept

19. Revised Bylaws for the Housing Commission

20. Relocation Reimb-W. 1st Street Acquisition

21. Levee Temp Easement Agreement

22. Aureon Licence Agreement

23. PSA-Robinson-Ace Place WatershedEngineering

24. PSA-Terracon-2019 Construction Testing

25. SFC-925 West 15th Street

26. Benda-Amended Dev. Proc.Agreement

27. CDBG Rehab Contracts-Connerly Const.

28. Service Agreement-FSB-Drawdown CDBG

29. Set Public Hearing for Agreement for Private Development - Zuidberg NA, LLC

Allow Bills and Payroll

30. Allow Bills and Payroll of April 1, 2019

City Council Referrals

31. City Council Referral to allow a limited-use fireworks window

City Council Updates

Public Forum