Meeting Info
Meeting: City Council Meeting
Date: May 17, 2021 7:00 PM
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Call to Order

Roll Call

Approval of Minutes

1. Minutes-Regular Meeting of May 3, 2021

Agenda Revisions

Public Forum

Special Presentations

2. Proclamation-National Public Works Week

3. Proclamation-National Trails Day

Special Order of Business

4. Olive Box Public Hearing

5. PH-Rezoning - Pinnacle Prairie

Old Business

6. Mask Mandate

New Business

Consent Calendar

7. Tobacco Applications 5/17/2021

8. Liquor-Beer 05-17-21

Resolution Calendar

9. FY22 Budget Appropriations

10. Memo & Capital Projects Loan to Sewer Fund

11. Health Trust Loan to Sewer Fund 1

12. Health Trust Loan to Sewer Fund 2

13. Health Trust Loan to Sewer Fund 3

14. Health Trust Loan to Sewer Fund 4

15. Animals-Sturgis Falls

16. Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces

17. FY22 Towing Contract-L&M Transmission

18. FY22 Towing Contract-Rasmussen Towing

19. CHP-FY22 Economic Development Grant

20. CMS-FY22 Economic Development Grant

21. GCV-FY22 Economic Development Grant

22. Access Easement-422 Main Street

23. CDBG-CV2-Northeast Iowa Food Bank

24. R-P Master Plan Amendment for Autumn Ridge Development

25. Preliminary-Autumn Ridge 10th Addition

26. Final Plat for Autumn Ridge 10th Addition

27. Iowa DOT Agreement

28. Purchase Agreement & Easements-W 27th St. Sanitary Sewer Right of Way

29. Set PH-Ashworth Drive

30. Set PH-West 27th Street Sanitary Sewer Project

31. Set PH-PS&E-Oak Park Sanitary Project


32. Ord-Board-Commission Appts

33. Ord-Parking Prohibited on Ashworth and Algonquin Drive

Allow Bills and Claims

34. Bills

City Council Referrals

City Council Updates

Staff Updates