Meeting Info
Meeting: City Council Meeting
Date: June 7, 2021 7:00 PM
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Call to Order

Roll Call

Approval of Minutes

1. Regular Meeting of May 17, 2021

Agenda Revisions

Public Forum

Special Presentations

2. Proclamation-Bird Friendly

3. Proclamation-Juneteenth

Special Order of Business

4. PH-Ashworth Drive Extension Right of Way

5. PH-W 27th Street Sanitary Sewer Extension Project

6. PH-Oak Park Sanitary Sewer Repair

Old Business

7. 2989-Rezoning Pinnacle Prairie

8. 2990-Board & Commission

9. 2991-Parking-Place to Play Park

New Business

Consent Calendar

10. Mayor Monthly Report-May 2021

11. Appt-Standing Committees-2021

12. HRC-Barney Resignation

13. Reappointments-Boards & Commissions

14. Committee of the Whole Minutes - May 17, 2021

15. Public Safety Officer Civil Service Certified List

16. Monthly Report - April

17. Tobacco Permits 06/07/2021

18. Liquor - Beer 6/7/21

Resolution Calendar

19. Assessment-1122 West 22nd Street

20. Assessment-2413 Olive Street

21. Assessment-804 Seerley Blvd.

22. Assessment-818 Seerley Blvd.

23. Easement Agreement-Sidewalk Cafe-419 Main Street

24. COBRA Admin-WEX Health, Inc.

25. Group Long-Term Disability Insurance Renewal

26. RETF Facilitation Proposal-ISU

27. FY22 Community Betterment Grant-Community Theatre

28. FY22 Community Betterment Grant-Historical Society

29. FY22 Community Betterment Grant-CH Partnership

30. FY22 Community Betterment Grant-UNI Gallagher Bluedorn

31. FY22 Community Betterment Grant-Veterans

32. FY22 Community Betterment Grant-Waterloo-CF Symphony

33. ePRepSolutions-Rec Center

34. Agreement with Bear Creek Archeology-IEDA

35. CHN Site Plan-2125 College St.

36. Ingress/Egress Easement-River Place Properties II, LC. (302 Main Street and 123 E 3rd Street)

37. Minor Plat-Blain's Corner 2nd Addition

38. HWY-1 Site Plan for Aldi's

39. PW-Equipment Purchase-End loader

40. Lease Agreement-1500 Bluff Office

41. 2020 Street Patching Project Final Out

42. Low Bid - Cedar Heights Drive Reconstruction

43. Supp No. 3-PSA-Cedar Heights Recon.

Allow Bills and Claims

44. Bills

City Council Referrals

City Council Updates

Staff Updates

Executive Session

45. Executive Session-PA