City Council Regular Meeting 10/12/2023 06:00 PM 201 Iberia Street - Council Chambers


  1. 1.1Invocation led by Pastor Darrel Jackson, Youngsville First Assembly

  2. 1.2Pledge of Allegiance led by Logan Lannoo



  1. 3.1Anne Istre to announce her candidacy for Youngsville City Council, Division A.

  2. 3.2Jeremy Hidalgo to announce his candidacy for Lafayette Parish School Board, District 9.


  1. 4.1Approval of September 14, 2023 meeting mintues


  1. 5.1Approval of August 2023 finance report


  1. 6.1Bill Burley to request variance to Section 130-5. "Requirements, restrictions, and responses." subsection 130-5(p)(1), (4) & (7)  and Section 107-9. "Additional Requirements." subsections 107-9(1), (2) & (7)(a), (b), (d) & (e), for a self-service storage facility, located on Guillot Road. 

  2. 6.2Executive Session to discuss pending civil actions pursuant to LA 42:17 (A)(2), as follows:

    (a) Samuel Leon vs. Ricky Boudreaux, City of Youngsville, Eric Segura and Amguard Insurance Company, Civil Action No. 6:23-CV-01095.

    (b) Kandice Dequeant, et al. vs. Lafayette Parish School System and City of Youngsville, Docket No. C-20234879


  1. 7.1Resolution No. 2023-29 - A Resolution of the City of Youngsville authorizing the Mayor to accept the dedication of immovable property (4240 Decon Rd.) from Acadia Development, LLC. 

  2. 7.2Resolution No. 2023-30 - A Resolution of the City of Youngsville authorizing the Mayor to accept the dedication of immovable property (129 Big Lake Run) from Hacienda Du Lac, LLC. 

  3. 7.3Resolution No. 2023-31 - A Resolution adopting the required CDBG-DR Program policies and procedures; acknowledging CDBG-DR program funds be administered in accordance with OCD Grantee Administrative Manual; appointing various coordinators/officers; authorizing individuals to execute the request for payment and authorizing execution of documents. 

  4. 7.4Resolution No. 2023-32 - A Resolution authorizing and directing the Mayor to execute for and on behalf of the City of Youngsville of the Parish of Lafayette, Louisiana, an Act of Substantial Completion from Rigid Constructors, LLC, pertaining to the completion of a contract for the 4277_35 Bailey Grove Regional Detention Pond Project.

  5. 7.5Resolution No. 2023-33 - A Resolution authorizing the Mayor to negotiate an agreement with Social Entertainment, LLC and Party Central of Lafayette, Inc. for a public event for the holiday season.


  1. 8.1Ordinance No. 287.2-2023 - An Ordinance amending Ordinance 287.1 to adopt the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code, as may be amended from time to time, relative to building regulations in the City of Youngsville. 

  2. 8.2Ordinance No. 375.1-2023 - An Ordinance amending Ordinance No. 375-2014 regulating the permitting of golf carts and slow moving vehicles.

  3. 8.3Ordinance No. 487-2023 - An Ordinance of the City of Youngsville, Louisiana declaring the southern east west connector (Langlinais Road Ext.) to be a public necessity and authorizing the acquisition of the necessary land, easements, servitudes, rights of way and other property rights requisite to the construction of said extension either on an amicable basis or through the use of the expropriation process if necessary. 


  1. 9.1Mayor/Staff Announcements

  2. 9.2Council Announcements


  1. 10.1Adjourn Meeting