City Council Meeting Monday, November 13, 2023 06:30 PM Trinity City Hall Annex

NCGS § 143-318.17 Disruption of official meetings

A person who willfully interrupts, disturbs, or disrupts an official meeting and who, upon being directed to leave the meeting by the presiding officer, willfully refuses to leave the meeting is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.
(1919, c. 655, s 1; 1993, c. 539, s. 1028; 1994, Ex. Sess., c. s. 14 (c).)

Action may be taken on agenda items and other issues discussed during the meeting

1.Call to Order; Welcome Guests and Visitors

2.Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation

3.Review, amend if needed, and approve Proposed Regular Agenda

4.Public Comment Period

5.Consent Agenda Items

  1. a.Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes of October 10, 2023

  2. b.Approval of Closed Session Meeting Minutes of October 10, 2023

  3. c.City of Trinity- Monthly Financial Position Review

  4. d.GPS Tracker for City Vehicles

  5. e.Trinity Parks and Recreation Master Plan Strategic Planning Funding Request

  6. f.Authorizing the City of Trinity to Engage in Electronic Payments

6.Recognitions and Presentations

  1. a.Universal Children's Day Proclamation

  2. b.National Pearl Harbor Day Remembrance Proclamation

7.Public Hearing

  1. a.Appeal and Variance Requests (Planner, Jay Dale)

  2. b.Request for a Variance - Lots Pin #7717099160 Lake Darr Road and PIN # 7718005511 Libby Road (Planner, Jay Dale)

8.Action Agenda

  1. a.Thomasville Sewer System Evaluation (City Manager Stevie Cox)

  2. b.Accept and Record Current Operations Appropriations Act of 2023 (S.L. 2023-134) of the General Assembly of North Carolina (City Manager, Stevie Cox)

  3. c.Accept and Record Randolph County Strategic Planning Grant and Project Ordinance (City Manager, Stevie Cox)

  4. d.Approval to Send 30 Day Notice Letters to Property Owners (City Manager, Stevie Cox)

9.Mayor, Council and City Manager Updates