City Council Meeting 12/12/2023 06:00 PM Municipal Court Building, 540 Civic Blvd

Call Meeting to Order

Opening Prayer

Pledge of Allegiance

Swearing In of Appointed Official

Citizen Participation

Consent Agenda

Board, Commission, and Committee Schedule

Board of Adjustment Meeting                                January 4, 2024

Planning and Zoning Meeting                                January 8, 2024

City Council Meeting                                                January 9, 2024

City Council Meeting                                                 January 23, 2024

Old Business and Tabled Items

New Business (First Reading of Ordinances)

Other Business (Resolutions)

Reports from Staff

Executive Session:  No further action, other than announcing adjournment by the Mayor, shall take place after an Executive Session that is scheduled as the last matter on the Agenda unless otherwise stated on the Agenda or as allowed per RSMo. 610.02.

1. RSMo 610.021.1 Pending and/or potential litigation. Closed session. Closed vote. Closed record.

2.  RSMo 610.021.2 Real estate acquisition. Closed session. Closed vote. Closed record.

3. RSMo 610.021.3 Hiring, firing, promotion, or disciplining personnel. Closed session. Closed vote. Closed record.

4.  RSMo 610.021.12  Any documents related to a negotiated contract until a contract is executed, or all proposals are rejected.

5. RSMo 610.021.13 Individually identifiable personnel records, performance ratings or records pertaining to employees or applicants for employment. Closed session. Closed vote. Closed record.


Individuals addressing the Council are asked to step to the microphone and clearly state their name and address before speaking. In accordance with ADA guidelines, if you need special accommodations to attend any city meeting, please notify the City Clerk’s Office at 732-3140 at least three days prior to the scheduled meeting. All meetings are tape recorded for public viewing.