Special Joint Meeting of the Town Council and Planning Commission - Study Session 09/20/2021 04:00 PM 110 E Main Street, Los Gatos CA 95030

REMOTE LOCATION PARTICIPANTS (The following Council Members and Planning Commissioners are listed to permit them to appear electronically or telephonically at the Joint Town Council and Planning Commission meeting: MAYOR MARICO SAYOC, VICE MAYOR ROB RENNIE, COUNCIL MEMBER MARY BADAME, COUNCIL MEMBER MATTHEW HUDES, COUNCIL MEMBER MARIA RISTOW, CHAIR KATHRYN JANOFF, VICE CHAIR KENDRA BURCH, COMMISSIONER JEFFREY BARNETT, COMMISSIONER MELANIE HANSSEN, COMMISSIONER JEFFREY SUZUKI, COMMISSIONER REZA TAVANA, COMMISSIONER EMILY THOMAS. All votes during the teleconferencing session will be conducted by roll call vote.) 



VERBAL COMMUNICATIONS (Members of the public are welcome to address the Town Council on any matter that is not listed on the agenda.  To ensure all agenda items are heard and unless additional time is authorized by the Mayor, this portion of the agenda is limited to 30 minutes and no more than three (3) minutes per speaker.  In the event additional speakers were not able to be heard during the initial Verbal Communications portion of the agenda, an additional Verbal Communications will be opened prior to adjournment.)

OTHER BUSINESS (Up to three minutes may be allotted to each speaker on any of the following items.)

ADJOURNMENT (Council policy is to adjourn no later than midnight unless a majority of Council votes for an extension of time)