Planning Commission 04/03/2023 05:30 PM

Call to Order: Chair - Parks Wilson

Roll Call of the Commission: Thad Barber Jr

                                                 Michael Earnest

                                                 Thomas Harper

                                                 JD Holmes III

                                                 Parks Wilson

Adoption of March 6, 2023 Minutes

Swearing In and Ex-Parte Communication – Nicolle Shalley, County Attorney


PETITION NO. 23-02: An Ordinance of Levy County, Florida, Amending Chapter 50 (The Land  Development Code) and Appendix B (Schedule of Fees, Rates and Charges) of the County Code of Ordinances; By creating a Process, Requirements and Fees for Unity of Title and Release of Unity of Title; Providing for Inclusion in the Code; Providing for a Severability Clause; Providing a Repealing Clause; Providing Directions to the Clerk and an Effective date.


 Uses Update


NOTICE                                    Workshop Schedule

Tuesday, May 9th from 3:30-5:30 pm – Composting discussion

Tuesday, May 23rd immediately following BOCC general meeting – Agritourism, Hunting and        

 Fishing clubs/Camps and   Intensive Commercial Recreation discussion

Tuesday, June 20th from 2-4 pm – Kennels/Rescues/Sanctuaries and Farm Worker Housing