Board of Trustees Meeting Tuesday, August 08, 2023 07:00 PM Village Hall Board Room

Board Meetings will be held as in-person meetings. In addition to in-person public comment during the meeting, members of the public may submit written comments by email to or by placing written comments in the drop box outside Village Hall. Comments submitted before 4:00 p.m. on the meeting date will be distributed to all Village Board members prior to the meeting.

Please see last page of agenda for virtual meeting information.

1.Call to Order

2.Pledge of Allegiance

3.Roll Call

4.Introduction of Staff


  1. Consider a motion to approve the minutes from the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees held on July 25, 2023.

6.Claims List:

  1. Consider a motion to approve the Claims List of Tuesday, August 8, 2023 in the amount of $998,022.55.

7.Hear from the Audience

8.Appointment(s):  Consider a motion to approve the following appointments:

  1. A.Sylvia Alexander to the Beautification Committee for a five-year term ending on August 8, 2028.

  2. B.Peter Womack to the Fire and Police Commission for a three-year term ending on August 8, 2026.

  3. C.James Anderson to the Firefighters' Pension Board for a three-year term ending on August 8, 2026.

9.Oaths of Office: The Village Clerk will administer the oath of office to:

  1. A.Lindsay Cabay for the position of Assistant Finance Director.

  2. B.James Anderson for the position of Street Division Supervisor.

10.Omnibus Vote: Consider a motion to pass, approve, authorize, accept, or award the following item(s):

  1. A.MC-1076/Liquor Manager Qualifications:  Pass an ordinance amending Chapter 4 of the Homewood Municipal Code clarifying the designation and qualifications of managers where alcoholic liquor is sold.

  2. B.M-2261/Yield and Stop Signs/Birch Road and Gottschalk Avenue:  Pass an ordinance revising schedules regulating the use of streets within the Village of Homewood to remove yield signs and install stop signs at the intersection of Birch Road and Gottschalk Avenue.

  3. C.Budget Amendment/Purchase/Downtown Outdoor Speakers: Approve a budget amendment allocating $30,000 of American Rescue Plan Act funds for the downtown outdoor speaker project; waive competitive bidding due to a sole source provider; and, approve the purchase of equipment from AirNetix of Smyrna, GA in an amount not to exceed $22,905 and $7,095 for unforeseen installation costs related to the downtown outdoor speaker project.

  4. D.Budget Amendment/Waive Competitive Bidding/Vehicle Purchases: Approve a budget amendment allocating $177,203.88 of American Rescue Plan Act funds for the purchase of three (3) vehicles; waive competitive bidding for an emergency purchase of six (6) vehicles due to limited vehicle availability; and, approve the purchase of four (4) 2023 Ford Police Utility vehicles, (1) Ford F250 Super Duty with Utility Body, and (1) Ford F150 XL Work Truck from D'Orazio Ford in the total amount of $328,759.97 ($267,856.56 vehicle purchase, and $60,903.41 for additional equipment, decals, and upfitting to the vehicles).

  5. E.Intergovernmental Agreement/Reciprocal Reporting/Homewood School District 153:  Authorize the Village President to enter into an Intergovernmental Reciprocal Reporting Agreement between Homewood School District 153 and the Village of Homewood.

  6. F.Budget Amendment/Waive Competitive Bidding/Strada Construction Company: Approve a budget amendment allocating $26,000 of American Rescue Plan Act funds to the Harwood Avenue Parking Lot-Curb/Landscape Improvement project; waive competitive bidding due to a vendor currently under contract; and, approve expanding the scope of work for the contract with Strada Construction Company of Addison, IL to include 650 feet of additional curb work along Harwood Avenue; amending the not to exceed contract cost from $119,010 to $145,010.

  7. G.Agreements/Fiber Optic Carrier Equipment Point of Presence/Cook County:  Authorize the Village President to enter into three (3) separate fiber optic right of entry and fiber optic carrier equipment point of presence (POP) site agreements between Cook County and the Village of Homewood for fiber conduit to be installed on or about the Village Hall, Fire and Police Departments, and Public Works buildings.

11.General Board Discussion



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