Regular Council Meeting Tuesday, September 19, 2023 06:30 PM 8301 Westview Drive, Houston, Texas 77055

The City Council of Hilshire Village, Texas will meet on Tuesday, September 19, 2023, at 6:30 PM in the City Hall Council Chambers at 8301 Westview, Houston, Texas 77055.

Any person may participate and address the City Council at the meeting by Zoom, telephone, personal appearance at City Hall, or by writing. Please send your presentation or comments prior to the meeting to for distribution to the Council. 

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This meeting agenda is posted online at


  1. 1.A.Invocation (Mayor Buesinger)

  2. 1.B.Pledge of Allegiance

  3. 1.C.Roll Call

This is an opportunity for citizens to speak to the council about agenda and non-agenda items. Comments are limited to up to three minutes. If the topic the speaker wishes to address is on the agenda, the speaker can either speak at this time or defer comments until such time the item is discussed.

Speakers must address the council at the microphone and give their name and address before voicing their concerns.

Note: To comply with provisions of the Open Meetings Act, the City Council may not deliberate on items discussed under this agenda item. Items that cannot be referred to the City staff for action may be placed on a future City Council agenda. A copy of any prepared remarks or notes to be used and distributed by the speaker must be presented to the City Secretary prior to the beginning of the meeting.


  1. 3.A.Police Report

  2. 3.B.Building Official Report

  3. 3.C.Engineer Report

  4. 3.D.Fire Commissioner's Report (Mayor Buesinger)
    2nd Quarter Ambulance Funds 

  5. 3.E.Mayor Buesinger's Report

  6. 3.F.City Secretary's Report: (City Secretary Stephens)
    Complaint Log
    Consent Agenda
    90-Day Outlook
    Secretary's Annual Report FY 2023

  7. 3.G.City Treasurer's Report (City Secretary Stephens)
    Interest Bearing Accounts Update
    Grants & Investments Update
    90-Day Outlook 


  1. 4.A.Approve Disbursements

  2. 4.B.Approve Check Registers

  3. 4.C.Approve the Minutes from the Budget Workshop, August 1, 2023

  4. 4.D.Approve the Minutes from the Budget Workshop, August 8, 2023

  5. 4.E.Approve the Minutes from the Regular Council Meeting August 15, 2023

  6. 4.F.Approve a proclamation recognizing National Night Out to be held October 3, 2023, on Bromley Road

  7. 4.G.Approve a proclamation recognizing World Teacher Day as October 5, 2023

  8. 4.H.Approve a proclamation recognizing Halloween Night to be held October 31, 2023, on Archley Drive


  1. 5.A.Discussion and possible approval of a component of the tax rate in the amount of $0.116098/100 for the purpose of paying the accruing interest and to provide a sinking fund for payment of the indebtedness of the City for the 2023 tax year.

    (This Vote must be a Record Vote)

  2. 5.B.Discussion and Possible Approval of a component of the tax rate in the amount of $0.444334/100 to fund the City's maintenance and operation expenditures for the 2023 tax year. 

    (This Vote must be a Record Vote)

  3. 5.C.Discussion and Possible Approval of the 2023 property tax rate be increased by the adoption of a tax rate of $0.560432/100 which is effectively a 3.02 percent decrease in the tax rate.

    (This Vote must be a Record Vote)

  4. 5.D.Discussion and Possible Approval of the City of Hilshire Village Ordinance Number 832-2023 providing for the Levy and Collection of Ad Valorem Taxes for the Year 2023 Providing for two components to the Proposed Tax Rate consisting of a Tax Rate of $0.116098/100 for the purpose of paying the accruing interest and to provide a sinking fund for payment of the indebtedness of the City and a Tax Rate of $0.444334/100 for the purpose of funding Maintenance and Operation Expenditures.

  5. 5.E.Discuss and possibly authorize a contract extension for Hudson Energy

  6. 5.F.Discussion and possible direction to city staff regarding the Citizens Emergency Response Team

  7. 5.G.Discuss and possibly approve the City of Hilshire Village Resolution # 2023-252 nominating Mike Sullivan as a candidate for a position on the Board of Directors of the Harris County Appraisal District for a two (2) year term.


  1. 6.A.Discussion regarding the possible addition of Flock License Plate Reader cameras. 






*Agenda items may be considered in any order.

* In the event a quorum of the city council is not present, the members who are present may meet as a sub-committee of council to discuss the agenda items above.

*City Council may recess into a closed meeting at any time during the open meeting to discuss any of the matters listed above as authorized by Texas Government Code, Sections 551.071 (Consultation with Attorney), 551.072 (Deliberations about Real Property), 551.073 (Deliberations about Gifts and Donations), 551.074 (Personnel Matters), 551.076 (Deliberations about Security Devices), 551.087 (Economic Development), and 551.086 (Certain Public Power Utilities: Competitive Matters).

I, Cassie Stephens, do hereby certify that the above Notice of Meeting and Agenda for the City Council of the City of Hilshire Village was posted in a place convenient and readily accessible MONTH DAY, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.

This facility is wheelchair accessible and accessible parking spaces are available. Requests for accommodations or interpretative service must be made 48 hours prior to this meeting. Please contact the City Hall at 713-973-1779 or FAX -713-973-7793 for further information.