Grand Lake Planning Commission Wednesday, May 15, 2024 06:30 PM Town Hall - 1026 Park Ave. * Participation In-Person Only*


1.Call to Order

2.Roll Call

3.Consideration to approve Meeting Minutes

  1. Minutes 05-01-2024

4.Unscheduled Citizen Participation
This time is reserved for members of the public to make a presentation to the Commission on items or issues that are not scheduled on the agenda. The Commission will not make any decisions on items presented during this time.

5.Conflicts of Interest

6.Items of Business

  1. A.Appeal to the Denial of New Single Family Home Permit Request at Block 2, Lot 3, Grand Lake Estates 1st Filing, Also Known as 833 Cairns Ave. Grand Lake CO. 

  2. B.Recommendation of a public hearing for a Conditional Use Permit for a inclined elevator (Tram) at 1532 Grand Ave. also known as Block 3, lot 37-38, Sunnyside Addition to Grand Lake

7.Items for Discussion

8.Future Agenda Items

9.Adjourn Meeting

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Meeting ID: 859 4218 5849
Access Code: 496153


James Shockey, Chairman



Alayna Carrell, Town Clerk