(Tentative) Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting Agenda Tuesday, April 18, 2023 05:00 PM Effingham County Administrative Complex Meeting Chambers

The Georgia Conflict of Interest in Zoning Action Statue (O.C.G.A. §§ 36-67A-1 et seq.) requires disclosure of certain campaign contributions made by applicants for rezoning actions and by opponents of rezoning application. A rezoning applicant or opponent of a rezoning application must disclose contributions or gifts which in aggregate total $250.00 or more if made within the last two years to a current member of Effingham County Planning Board, Board of Commissioners, or other Effingham County official who will consider the application. The campaign contribution disclosure requirement applies to an opponent of a rezoning application who publishes his or her opposition by appearance before the Planning Board or Board of Commissioners or by any other oral or written communication to a member or members of the Planning Board or Board of Commissioners. Disclosure must be reported to the Board of Commissioners by applicants within ten (10) days after the rezoning application is filed and by opponents at least five (5) days prior to the first hearing by the Planning Board. Any person knowing failing to comply with these requirements shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
“Individuals with disabilities who require special needs to observe and/or participate in this meeting, or who have questions regarding the accessibility of the meeting or the facilities should contact the County Clerk at 912-754-2123 promptly to afford the County time to create reasonable accommodations for those persons.”

I.Call to Order

II.Roll Call


IV.Pledge to the American Flag

V.Agenda Approval - Consideration of a resolution to approve the agenda.

VI.Minutes - Consideration to approve the April 4, 2023 regular meeting minutes

VII.Public Comments - Comments shall pertain to the agenda items only.  Should you wish to make remarks, clearly state your full name into the microphone before commencing to speak.

VIII.Correspondence - Documents from this meeting are located in the Clerk's Office and on the Board of Commissioner's website.

IX.Consent Agenda - This section shall include all routine items for which there will be no discussion.  Should a need arise for a debate, the item can be moved to the appropriate area of the agenda.

  1. 1.[2023-187 Agreement]

    Consideration to approve Amendment #1 of the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) Adoption Agreement 

  2. 2.[2023-188] Agreement

    Consideration to approve Year 3 of the Agreement with Pictometry International Corp for the Tax Assessor's Office

  3. 3.[2023-189 Agreement]

    Consideration to approve to renew the Lease Agreement for the radio communications tower with State Properties Commission (Georgia Forestry Commission)

  4. 4.[2023-190 Agreement]

    Consideration to renew the Georgia Probation Case Management System Agreement between Effingham County Probation Department and the Judicial Alternatives of Georgia, Inc. (JAG)

  5. 5.[2023-191 Grant Award]

    Consideration to approve to accept a Grant Award from Petco Love Animal Welfare Grant Program

X.Unfinished Business - Contains items held from a previous agenda.

  1. 1.[2023-162 Ordinance]

    Consideration to approve the Second Reading to amend Part II, Chapter 34 – Flood Damage Prevention, Section 34.5. Definitions; Section 34.7 Basis for area of special flood hazard; Section 34.82 Specific Standards; and Section 34.86 Standards for Subdivision (1st reading approved 04/04/2023)

  2. 2.[2023-179 Second Reading]

    Consideration to approve the Second Reading of an application by TK Electric, LLC to rezone 6.2 acres located at 763 US Highway 80 from AR-1 to B-3, to allow for commercial development Map# 302 Parcel# 105 in the First District (postponed 04/04/2023)

  3. 3.[2023-180 Sketch Plan] Katie Dunnigan

    The Planning Board recommends denying an application by TK Electric, LLC for a sketch plan for TK Electric, LLC. located at 763 US Highway 80, zoned AR-1 proposed zoning B-3. Map# 302 Parcel# 105, in the First District (postponed 04/04/2023)

XI.New Business

  1. 1.[2023-192 Agreement] Alison Bruton

    Consideration to approve to renew the ESRI Small Government Enterprise Agreement annual subscription for a total of 3 years

  2. 2.[2023-193 Proposal] Alison Bruton

    Consideration to approve to renew a Proposal from Spatial Engineering, Inc. for RightSpot GIS services

  3. 3.[2023-194 Agreement] Alison Bruton

    Consideration to approve a Software Services Agreement between Effingham County Tax Assessor’s Office and The Exemption Project, Inc (TrueRoll)

  4. 4.[2023-195 Agreement] Alison Bruton

    Consideration to approve a Professional Services Agreement with Schneider Geospatial, LLC for a qPublic.net Add-On for the Tax Assessor’s Office

  5. 5.[2023-196 Contract] Alison Bruton

    Consideration to approve Contract 23-ITB-023 with Legacy Water Group, LLC for the Blue Jay Road Water Line Extension Loop B Construction

  6. 6.[2023-197 Change Order] Alison Bruton

    Consideration to approve Change Order #1 to Pond & Company for Baker Park Improvements - Task Order 23-REQ-002

XII.Reports from Commissioners & Administrative Staff

XIII.Executive Session - Discussion of Personnel, Property and Pending Litigation

XIV.Executive Session Minutes - Consideration to approve the April 4, 2023 executive session minutes