(Tentative) Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting Tuesday, September 20, 2022 05:00 PM Effingham County Administrative Complex Meeting Chambers

The Georgia Conflict of Interest in Zoning Action Statue (O.C.G.A. §§ 36-67A-1 et seq.) requires disclosure of certain campaign contributions made by applicants for rezoning actions and by opponents of rezoning application. A rezoning applicant or opponent of a rezoning application must disclose contributions or gifts which in aggregate total $250.00 or more if made within the last two years to a current member of Effingham County Planning Board, Board of Commissioners, or other Effingham County official who will consider the application. The campaign contribution disclosure requirement applies to an opponent of a rezoning application who publishes his or her opposition by appearance before the Planning Board or Board of Commissioners or by any other oral or written communication to a member or members of the Planning Board or Board of Commissioners. Disclosure must be reported to the Board of Commissioners by applicants within ten (10) days after the rezoning application is filed and by opponents at least five (5) days prior to the first hearing by the Planning Board. Any person knowing failing to comply with these requirements shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
“Individuals with disabilities who require special needs to observe and/or participate in this meeting, or who have questions regarding the accessibility of the meeting or the facilities should contact the County Clerk at 912-754-2123 promptly to afford the County time to create reasonable accommodations for those persons.”

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I.Call to Order

II.Roll Call


IV.Pledge to the American Flag

V.Agenda Approval - Consideration of a resolution to approve the agenda

VI.Minutes - Consideration to approve the September 6, 2022 work session and regular meeting minutes and the September 9-11, 2022 retreat minutes

VII.Public Comments - Comments shall pertain to the agenda items only.  Should you wish to make remarks, clearly state your full name into the microphone before commencing to speak 

VIII.Correspondence - Documents from this meeting are located in the Clerk's Office and on the Board of Commissioner's website

IX.Introduction -  presentation of new team members in the 4-H department by Mr. Blake Carter

X.Presentation - 5:15 pm

  1. 1.Presentation by the Coastal Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (CORE MPO) on the development of the 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

XI.Consent Agenda - This section shall include all routine items for which there will be no discussion.  Should a need arise for a debate the item can be moved to the appropriate area of the agenda

  1. 1.[2022-522 Proposal]

    Consideration to approve ratification for Soil and Groundwater Sampling at the former Atlas Sand Mine property for Trammco Environmental Solutions, LLC 

  2. 2.[2022-523 Proposal]

    Ratification of Approval of a Proposal by Lariscy Technology Solutions to Develop a Technology Strategic Plan

  3. 3.[2022- 524 Form]

    Consideration to approve the 2023 ACCG Group Self-Insurance Workers Compensation Fund Contact Form 

XII.New Business

  1. 1.[2022-525 Purchase] Clint Hodges

    Consideration to approve ta Quote from Georgia Fire & Rescue Supply for the purchase of Hydraulic Rescue Tools

  2. 2.[2022-526 Job Descriptions] Sarah Mausolf

    Consideration to approve various Job Descriptions for the Development Services department 

  3. 3.[2022- 527 Positions] Sarah Mausolf

    Consideration to approve the addition of five (5) School Resource officers to the 2022-2023 budget of the Sheriffs Office 

  4. 4.[2022- 528 Change Order] Alison Bruton

    Consideration to approve Change Order# 2 with Pond & Company related to the Stormwater Master Plan

  5. 5.[2022- 529 Resolution] Teresa Concannon

    Consideration to approve Resolution# 022-043  to adopt the FY2022 Capital Improvement Element (CIE) annual update

  6. 6.[2022- 530 Change Order] Alison Bruton

    Consideration to approve Change Order #1 for Agreement 22-25-010 with McLendon Enterprises, Inc. for the LMIG 2022 and other road work

  7. 7.[2022- 531 Quote] Alison Bruton

    Consideration to approve a Quote from Stryker for the purchase of two stretchers for new ambulances for EMS

  8. 8.[2022- 532 Purchase] Alison Bruton

    Consideration to approve the of Purchase of Two (2) New Ambulances for EMS

  9. 9.[2022- 533 AppointmentsStephanie Johnson

    Consideration to approve appointments and reappointments to the Recreation Board

XIII.Reports from Commissioners & Administrative Staff

XIV.Executive Session - Discussion of Personnel, Property and Pending Litigation

XV.Executive Session Minutes - Consideration to approve the September 6, 2022 executive session minutes