(Tentative) Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting Agenda Tuesday, March 21, 2023 05:00 PM Effingham County Administrative Complex

The Georgia Conflict of Interest in Zoning Action Statue (O.C.G.A. §§ 36-67A-1 et seq.) requires disclosure of certain campaign contributions made by applicants for rezoning actions and by opponents of rezoning application. A rezoning applicant or opponent of a rezoning application must disclose contributions or gifts which in aggregate total $250.00 or more if made within the last two years to a current member of Effingham County Planning Board, Board of Commissioners, or other Effingham County official who will consider the application. The campaign contribution disclosure requirement applies to an opponent of a rezoning application who publishes his or her opposition by appearance before the Planning Board or Board of Commissioners or by any other oral or written communication to a member or members of the Planning Board or Board of Commissioners. Disclosure must be reported to the Board of Commissioners by applicants within ten (10) days after the rezoning application is filed and by opponents at least five (5) days prior to the first hearing by the Planning Board. Any person knowing failing to comply with these requirements shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
“Individuals with disabilities who require special needs to observe and/or participate in this meeting, or who have questions regarding the accessibility of the meeting or the facilities should contact the County Clerk at 912-754-2123 promptly to afford the County time to create reasonable accommodations for those persons.”

I.Call to Order

II.Roll Call


IV.Pledge to the American Flag

V.Agenda Approval - Consideration of a resolution to approve the agenda.

VI.Minutes - Consideration to approve the March 7, 2023 regular meeting minutes

VII.Public Comments - Comments shall pertain to the agenda items only.  Should you wish to make remarks, clearly state your full name into the microphone before commencing to speak.

VIII.Correspondence - Documents from this meeting are located in the Clerk's Office and on the Board of Commissioner's website.

IX.Consent Agenda - This section shall include all routine items for which there will be no discussion.  Should a need arise for a debate, the item can be moved to the appropriate area of the agenda.

  1. 1.[2023-132 Agreement]

    Consideration to approve to renew a Memorandum Of Understanding between the Effingham County Board of Education and Effingham County Board of Commissioners for ambulance services at various Board of Education events

  2. 2.[2023-133 Contract]

    Consideration to approve to renew an Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC) for Engineering and Architectural Services for one (1) year with WK Dickson

  3. 3.[2023-134 Agreement]

    Consideration to approve a Location Agreement for the Historic Society of Effingham to utilize the Early Street House building and grounds for the "Old Days in Effingham" annual event 

  4. 4.[2023-135 Job Description]

    Consideration to approve and publish a new  Job Description for Facilities Maintenance

  5. 5.[2023-136 Job Description]

    Consideration to approve and publish a new Job Description for a Senior Code Enforcement Officer in the Development Services department

  6. 6.[2023-137 Contract] 

    Consideration to approve an amended Contract (2023-08.02) from the Coastal Regional Commission (CRC) related to congregate and home delivered meals

  7. 7.[2023-138 Grant Award]

    Consideration to ratify and affirm submittal of a Grant Application to, and acceptance of a Grant award from ACCG-GSIWCG Online Driver Training Incentive Grant Program

  8. 8.[2023-139 Agreement]

    Consideration to approve the Third Amendment to the Lease Agreement  between Effingham County and Renasant Bank

X.Unfinished Business - Contains items held from a previous agenda.

  1. 1.[2023-126 Second Reading]

    Consideration to approve the Second Reading of an application by The Ratchford Firm as Agent for Stefanos Land Holding, LLC for a conditional use located on Old River Road to permit a Shipping Container Facility, zoned I-1. Map# 305 Parcel# 4B in the First District (this item was postponed 03/07/2023)

  2. 2.[2023-127 Sketch Plan]

    The Planning Board recommends approving an application by  The Ratchford Firm as Agent for Stefanos Land Holding, LLC requests approval of a sketch plan for a Shipping Container Storage Facility on Old River Road, zoned I-1. Map# 305 Parcels# 3,4,4A,4B Map# 305A Parcel# 46,47 in the First District (this item was postponed 03/07/2023)

XI.New Business

  1. 1.[2023-140 Refund Request] Neal Groover

    Consideration to approve a Tax Refund Request as submitted by Manning Graham as representative for Pearl Intermodal located on Old Augusta Road 

  2. 2.[2023-141 Audit Presentation]

    Presentation of the Fiscal Year 2022 audited financial report by Lanier, Deal & Proctor

  3. 3.[2023-142 Audit Transmission] Mark Barnes

    Consideration to approve to transmit the Fiscal Year 2022 audited annual financial report to the State of Georgia

  4. 4.[2023-143 Plat/Deed] Chelsie Fernald

    Consideration to approve a Final Plat and Warranty Deed submitted by Clay Price, of  Simcoe Investment Group, LLC, for Bluejay Commons, Phase 2 located off of Bluejay  Road which consists of 85 lots Map # 432 Parcel # 48 in the Second District

  5. 5.[2023-144 Quote/Proposal] Alison Bruton

    Consideration to approve Quote 38016294 and Proposal from OpenGov for a Permitting & Licensing System

  6. 6.[2023-145 Proposal] Alison Bruton

    Consideration to approve a Proposal from EagleView for pictometry flights for the Tax Assessors Office

  7. 7.[2023-146 Change Order] Alison Bruton

    Consideration to approve Change Order #2 to Task Order 21-25-004 with Roberts Civil Engineering for the FDRE for Ash Roads Design and Construction Management 

  8. 8.[2023-147 Purchase Order] Alison Bruton

    Consideration to approve a Purchase Order with Custom Truck and Body Works, Inc. for the purchase of a Type III Ambulance

  9. 9.[2023-148 Change Order] Alison Bruton

    Consideration to approve Change Order #6 for Agreement 22-25-010 with McLendon Enterprises related to the Sandhill Complex and Corinth Church Road

  10. 10.[2023-149 Change Order] Alison Bruton

    Consideration to approve Change Order #3 for Contract 22-25-008-1 to Ranger Construction for the FDRE of Ash Roads

  11. 11.[2023-150 Form] Mark Barnes

    Consideration to approve to submit two (2) Community Project Funding Request Forms to the Office of Representative Ear 'Buddy' Carter

  12. 12.[2023-151 Resolution] Mark Barnes

    Consideration to approve Resolution# 023-004 related to the anticipated Memorandum of Understanding for the new opioid settlements and for participation in said settlements

XII.Reports from Commissioners & Administrative Staff

XIII.Executive Session - Discussion of Personnel, Property and Pending Litigation