City of Coachella California Parks and Recreation Commission 03/21/2023 04:30 PM

Call To Order:

Pledge Of Allegiance:

Roll Call:

Approval of Agenda:

“At this time the Commission may announce any items being pulled from the agenda or continued to another date or request the moving of an item on the agenda.”

Approval Of The Minutes:

    1. Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes - January 17, 2023

    2. February 21 Meeting was cancelled (no quorum).


2. Update on Coachella Parks and Recreation Foundation Scholarships

3. Update on Armtec Lease

4. Update on Park Use Fees

5. Update on Desert Recreation District mou

New Business Calendar (Legislative And Administrative):

Public Comments (Non-Agenda Items):

“The public may address the Commission on any item of interest to the public that is not on the agenda, but is within the subject matter jurisdiction thereof. Please limit your comments to three (3) minutes.”

Reports And Requests:

Commissioner Comments

Public Works Director's Comments