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Under the provisions of Chapter 551 of the Government Code, notice is hereby given of the possibility of a quorum of the Bay City Council at the following event: 

[Add event and location information here]


This is to certify that the above Notice of Possible Quorum was posted on the front window of the City Hall of the City of Bay City, Texas on DAY, MONTH DD, 2021 before 3:30 p.m. Any questions concerning the above items, please contact Mayor Robert K. Nelson at (979) 245-2137.

Bay City Variance Committee:
The Bay City Variance Committee serves as an advisory body to City Council and the Mayor. Therefore, although the Commission does not fall under the purview of the Texas Open Meetings Act, its meetings shall be open to members of the public.
Attendance by Other Elected or Appointed Officials:
It is anticipated that members of other city board, commissions and/or committees may attend the meeting in numbers that may constitute a quorum of the other city boards, commissions and/or committees. Notice is hereby given that the meeting, to the extent required by law, is also noticed as a meeting of the other boards, commissions and/or committees of the City, whose members may be in attendance. The members of the boards, commissions and/or committees may participate in discussions on the same items listed on the agenda, which occur at the meeting, but no action will be taken by such in attendance unless such item and action is specifically provided for on an agenda for that board, commission or committee subject to the Texas Open Meetings Act.
The facility is wheelchair accessible and accessible parking spaces available. Request for accommodations or interpretive services must be made 48 hours prior to the meeting. Please contact the City Secretary's Office at 979-245-5311 or email, for further information.