TOWN COUNCIL MEETING Tuesday, February 20, 2024 07:00 PM 250 River Circle - Alpine, WY 83128

1.CALL TO ORDER - Mayor Green


3.ROLL CALL – Monica Chenault

4.ANNOUNCEMENTS – Monica Chenault

Items listed on the consent agenda are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion in the form listed hereafter. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Council member or citizen requests, in which case the item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and will be considered on the Regular Agenda.

5.CONSENT AGENDA – Mayor Green

  1. a.Town Council Minutes: 2023.02.06 Town Council Work Session; 2024.02.06 Special Meeting

  2. b.Planning & Zoning Commission Minutes: 2024.12.12 Public Hearing Minor Re-Plat; 2024.12.12 P & Z Meeting

  3. c.Financial Report - All Funds through 1/31/2024:

    Note next months report will include the budget and YTD percentages spent.

  4. d.Greys River Road TAP - Reimbursement Request #17 - $100,125.50

  5. e.Bills to Pay - All Fund 1/17/2024 - 2/20/2024

  6. f.WSLIB Grant Draft Request: 

    Radio Read Water Meter System: $$7,577.50

    Pretreatment Handling Facility: $622,206.76


  1. a.Mayor’s Report – Eric Green

  2. b.Engineering Report – Jorgensen Engineering

  3. c.Planning & Zoning Report – 

  4. d.Economic Development Report – Jeremiah Larsen

  5. e.Utility Easement Update – Jeremiah Larsen 

  6. f.Alpine Travel & Tourism Board Report – Jeremiah Larsen

  7. g.Lincoln County Sheriff’s Report – Submitted in writing.

  8. h.Star Valley Health Project Update - Mike Hunsaker


  1. a.Ordinance 2023-10 - Architectural Review Committee - 3rd Reading :

    Seeking approval of Ordinance 2023-10 on the 3rd and Final Reading.

  2. b.Ordinance 2024-002 Annexation Dead Horse Meadows - 1st Reading

  3. c.Melvin Monthly Payment Schedule Revision:

    Seeking adoption of the corrected payment schedule - not previously adopted by Town Council to be utilized in all future rent/recapture payments from Melvin Brewing.

  4. d.Resolution 2024-004 Travel & Tourism Board Grant Applications:

    Seeking approval of Resolution 2024-004 Travel and Tourism Board Grant Applications.

  5. e.Resolution 2024-005 FLAP Grant Application:

    Seeking a motion to approve Resolution 2024-005 FLAP Grant Application.

  6. f.Town of Alpine - Single Audit Engagement Letter 2024:

    Seeking approval of DeCoria Company PC in the amount of $22,500.00 plus expenses not to exceed $1,000.00 for completion of a FY 2024 Single Audit required  due to spending in excess of $750,000.00 on Federal Funds in FY 2024. 

  7. g.Hafeez Addition to the Town of Alpine - Simple Replat:

    Seeking approval of Resolution 2024-006 Hafeez Addition Simple Replat to be effective February 22, 2024.

  8. h.P & Z Recommendation LUDC:

    Seeking approval to draft ordinance to update the LUDC per the P & Z February 13, 2024 recommendation.

  9. i.P & Z Recommendation to Adopt Energy Code:

    Seeking approval to draft an ordinance to adopt the International Energy Code per the P & Z recommendation.

  10. j.Resolution 2024-007 - Town of Alpine Financial Policy & Procedure:

    Seeking approval of Resolution 2024-007 the Town of Alpine Financial Policy and Procedure Manual

  11. k.Ordinance 2024-004 - Annexation Ordinance - 1st Reading:

    Seeking approval on the 1st Reading of Ordinance 2024-001 - Annexation Ordinance.