TOWN COUNCIL MEETING Tuesday, January 16, 2024 07:00 PM 250 River Circle - Alpine, WY 83128

1.CALL TO ORDER - Mayor Green


3.ROLL CALL – Monica Chenault

4.ANNOUNCEMENTS – Monica Chenault

  1. a.Alpine Winter Jubilee - January 27th & 28th

Items listed on the consent agenda are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion in the form listed hereafter. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Council member or citizen requests, in which case the item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and will be considered on the Regular Agenda.

5.CONSENT AGENDA – Mayor Green

  1. a.QuickBooks Bills to Pay: General Fund - 12/31/2023, Water Fund - 12/31/2023, Sewer Fund -  12/31/2023

    Check Register: Check Issued Date - 01/04/2024, Check Issued Date - 01/16/2024

  2. b.Catering Permits

    Gala for the Arts (Salt River Arts Society): Fundraiser Gala - 02/24/2024

    VR Tavern on the Greys: Winter Jubilee - 01/27/2024

    Cooking with Music: Sleigh ride, dinner, music event - 02/10/2024


  1. a.Mayor’s Report – Eric Green

  2. b.Engineering Report – Jorgensen Engineering - Attached 

  3. c.Economic Development Report – Jeremiah Larsen

  4. d.Utility Easement Update – Jeremiah Larsen 

  5. e.Alpine Travel & Tourism Board Report – Jeremiah Larsen

  6. f.Lincoln County Sheriff’s Report – Submitted in writing.

  7. g.Treasurer's Report - Monica Chenault 

    F-66 Annual City and Town Financial Report

    Town of Alpine Self Audit

    Local Government Annual Report Summary FYE

  8. h.Alpine Education Committee Report - Attached

  9. i.Star Valley Medical Center Updates - Mike Hunsaker


  1. a.Resolution No. 2024-001 - Official Appointments: Seeking approval of Resolution No. 2024-001 - Official Appointments

  2. b.Swearing In Ceremony:

    Planning & Zoning Commission Members: Susan Kolbas and Dan Shou

    Tourism and Travel Board Member: Shannon Bowers

    Codes Enforcement Officer: Steve Gilcrease

  3. c.Resolution No. 2024-002 - Designated Signatories: Seeking approval of Resolution No. 2024-002 - Designated Signatories.

  4. d.Agreement to Grant Easement - Hafeez Addition Annexation:

    Seeking approval of the Agreement to Grant Easement - Hafeez Addition Annexation and granting the Mayor the authority to sign on behalf of the Town of Alpine upon approval from the Town Attorney.

  5. e.3rd Reading Ordinance No. 2023-09 Hafeez Annexation: Seeking approval on the 3rd reading of Ordinance No. 2023-09 Hafeez Annexation.

  6. f.Alpine Engineering Master Agreement Revision:

    Seeking approval of the revised Master Agreement between the Town of Alpine and Jorgensen Engineering with a term of Feb. 1, 2024 - June 30, 2024 and granting authority for Mayor Green to sign the agreement on behalf of the Town of Alpine.  

  7. g.Resolution No. 2023-524 - Dead Horse Meadows Annexation: Seeking approval of Resolution No. 2023-524 - Dead Horse Meadows Annexation.

  8. h.Pedigree Stage Stop Race Sponsorship: Seeking approval for $200 to sponsor the Pedigree Stage Stop Race 2024

  9. i.Wind River Event Permit: Wind River Youth Snowcross Event Permit: Seeking approval for the Wind River Youth Snow Cross Event on January 27, 2024 and requesting waiver of the event permit fee

  10. j.2nd Reading Ordinance No. 2023-10 - Architectural Review Committee: Seeking approval on the 2nd Reading of Ordinance No. 2023-10 - Architectural Review Committee


  1. a.Resolution No. 2023-517 - Griest Addition to the Town of Alpine: Seeking approval to remove from the table and approval for Resolution No. 2023-517 - Griest Addition to the Town of Alpine